Our Name, Mission and Vision

Our Name

MATI comes from Nahuatl and means “KNOW”.
We believe that each child has different TALENTS and many times that knowledge is acquired in a self-taught way or at a different rate from their peers, that is why we accredit that knowledge in any area, not only academic because we believe and motivate the integral development of each student.

Our Mission

MATI TALENT INSTITUTE PRIVATE SCHOOL was established as a private school committed to providing adaptive, personalized and interactive education to children and youth at the kindergarten, elementary and middle school levels. Our mission is to partner with parents to educate their children in a comprehensive learning environment seeking academic excellence and motivation for their own talents. We want to empower students who study at home anywhere in the world, using an educational, interactive, personalized, tested and effective program to ensure they reach their full potential.
-Provide legal coverage and a personalized curriculum to families who do Homeschool in Mexico, Panama, Canada, Florida, in any State of USA or anywhere in the world.
-Offer and Promote Personalized and Adaptive Education for all children and young people in school or in homeschooling.
-Support the academic enrichment of children and young people as well as the development of their potential.
-Promote valuable and reliable information to parents, teachers and family members of children with outstanding skills.
-Credit the Self-taught learning of the child/youth during the school year with international validity.


Our Vision

We believe that a personalized and adaptive education is the key to the development of a student.
MATI Talent Institute Private School allows students to access proven and effective instruction that provides challenges from their current level of learning. Using ISTATION with personalized and adaptive instruction, Math Whizz, interactive, personalized and award-winning or Florida Virtual School with certified teachers, we prepare ourselves to provide students with lifelong and self-motivated knowledge that will lead them to personal fulfillment and face the challenges of our current world.