What is MATI Homeschool?

MATI TALENT INSTITUTE PRIVATE SCHOOL is a Private School Registered and recognized by the Division of Corporations and the Department of Education in the State of Florida, and complies with the following State Statutes of Private Schools 1002.42 (2) (b), 1012.32, 1002.01, 1003.23 (2), 1003.22 (1) (2), 1003.01 (13), 1003.21 (1).

Enrollment in MATI TALENT INSTITUTE PRIVATE SCHOOL legally complies with Florida compulsory attendance laws.

Florida School Code Department of Education FLDOE: # 5743

Corporation Division: L19000127921

Our office is located in Broward County, Florida in the United States.

We are an American Private School Accredited and Registered for the support of K-12 distance learning, bilingual and international. We are listed in the Florida Department of Education website in the Private Schools Directory, as required for all private schools in Florida. We responsibly comply with Florida Laws, the requirements of the FDLE (Florida Department of Law Enforcement) and the Department of Education.

Essentially, students who learn at home can comply with Florida’s compulsory attendance law in one of three ways.


1) Establish a home based educational program (1002.41) If you choose this option, you can still join MATI through our after school enrollment.

2) Enroll in a private school that offers an off-campus option (1002.01) These schools are commonly referred to as “umbrella schools”, “non-traditional private schools” or “600”. The term “600” refers to statutes 607, 617 and 623 of the Florida Corporation, each is a different type of corporation. This is the private school option that we offer at MATI.

3) Establish a private tutoring program. (1002.43)

While all of the above options comply with Florida compulsory attendance laws, each has different implications. Most parents choose one of the first two options. Most differences include keeping records and methods, but the main distinction is whether you want to be accountable to the state or to a private entity. Of course, there are many things to consider, including the organization and requirements of the private school in which you choose to register.

Does MATI accept students from other States / Countries?

Of course! We suggest investigating the laws in your country and finding out about the revalidation procedure for studies taken in a private American school. We have many Homeschool families from Mexico, Canada, Puerto Rico, Ecuador, Honduras and many more.

Are the academics in Mati valid?

Yes, they are. You will receive valid report cards and from any other private school in the United States. The Mexican Ministry of Education (SEP) recognizes the studies taken abroad, which are comparable with the Mexican Educational Program.

Is Mati incorporated into the SEP (Mexican Ministry of Education)?

No, we are a Registered Private School in the Division of Corporations and the Department of Education in the State of Florida, in the United States which complies with the following State Statutes of Private Schools: 1002.42 (2) (b), 1012.32, 1002.01,1003.23 (2) , 1003.22 (1) (2), 1003.01 (13), 1003.21 (1).

Florida School Code Department of Education FLDOE: # 5743

Corporation Division: L19000127921

We are an American Private School Accredited and Registered for the support of K-12 distance learning, bilingual and international. If you are in Mexico, you should know that the SEP recognizes the studies taken abroad that are comparable with the Mexican Educational Program.

What is FLVS?

Florida Virtual School.

FLORIDA VIRTUAL SCHOOL (FLVS) is a public school option that offers Elementary, Middle and High School curriculum to Florida residents for FREE. All our courses are completely online. FLVS, the district and its schools are accredited by AdvancED and the School Accreditation and Improvement Council of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS CASI). SACS CASI is an accreditation division for AdvancED.

We have an affiliation agreement with the Florida Virtual School program. This means that students residing in Florida and currently enrolled in MATI can register and participate in the free FLVS Flex program. (Please do not confuse this with the full-time K-12 program, which is a public school and not affiliated with MATI.)

Elementary age students in grades K-5 can also participate in the free FLVS Flex program. Please note that there are some differences in the requirements for the elementary program. 

Please visit https://flvs.net/elementary 

If you are interested in using this service, please click on one of the links here.

When you register with FLVS, please do so as a private school student. If you require a student identification number, this is your student’s social security number. (You may have to add an x ​​to the end of the SS#). After choosing your district (our school is located in Broward County), a box will open with a list of available schools, choose MATI TALENT INSTITUTE PRIVATE SCHOOL.

* FLVS is an option and in no way a requirement.


These are the programs that we use in MATI with homeschool families as an after school program or to certify with INEA for the subjects of READING, GRAMMAR, WRITING, READING COMPREHENSION, FLUIDITY, SPELLING, VOCABULARY and MATH from KINDER TO GRADE 12th.

Both are awarded International Platforms, used in schools in the United States, Finland, Dubai, England, Canada, and many other countries, chosen for their wonderful program that starts from the child’s current knowledge and progresses according to their rhythm, always in an interactive and lively manner.

In Mexico, MATH WHIZZ® is used in the Mexican Ministry of Public Education school for gifted children of Jalisco and in our own experience we share that it is a wonderful tool that our children love and enjoy.

The US Department of Education determined ISTATION® as an accepted alternative assessment to determine grade promotion. The Department of Education requires that providers meet the following guidelines to be approved as alternative assessments, and ISTATION complied with all of them:

  • They must demonstrate confirmation and validity.

  • They must have completed Normative Studies, updated in the last five years.

  • They must measure the achievement of grade 3 in Reading Comprehension.


In this link you will learn more about Istation® http://www.matihomeschool.com/istation/ 

In this link you will learn more about Math Whizz®


Why are the programs offered by MATI called “Adaptive Curriculum”?

Once a student demonstrates competence with a skill, the teaching material for both tutors automatically upgrades and leads to new skills for mastery of the subject.

What characteristics does the MATI curriculum have?

It was developed by a passionate team of educators, innovators and researchers who support advanced students and those who seek academic excellence. They recognized the need for an online community where students are gifted and talented and their families can learn, obtain resources, and face the challenges of the real world and maximize their potential.

Here are some highlights of our service:

  • Internationally awarded tutors. Whether working with counseling or independently, students benefit from personalized learning technology with unmatched flexibility through our K-12 online courses.

  • Tablet functionality. Use tablets to seamlessly integrate your child’s learning into your lifestyle for ISTATION® and MATH WHIZZ® with which we cover the subjects of Spelling, Reading, Grammar, Writing and Mathematics in English and Spanish.

  • Challenge Zone. Fun academic games and interesting problems will keep your child involved and learning. They can also create Challenges in Math Whizz® and compete solving exercises online with students from other countries.

  • Parent and family profiles. Parents / guardians through their account can access their child’s progress reports and other resources.

What is the recommended time that a student should invest in each course?

To help students reach their full potential, we recommend that students enrolled in Kinder spend between 20 to 30 minutes 3 times a week, Elementary and older students can spend between 30 to 40 minutes 3 times a week, however at MATI Homeschool, we decided to leave unlimited access so that  you can decide how fast you want to go.


What types of reports are available or how will I know my child’s Progress with their programs?

Parents and students have access to a permanent Progress Report on a Parent Portal for ISTATION® reports that contain support information according to the grade level their child is studying, for Math Whizz®, reports are generated every 4 months (available only for K-6).

When you start with our program you will receive an Initial Report that will provide you with information about your child’s mathematical age and details for each subject/area according to ​his/her grade, here you can see an example:

How do I send evidence of these subjects to certify the degree with MATI Homeschool?

You do not need to send them, at the beginning of each month, a brief test is enabled in Istation, this generates monthly reports. We will have information about your kid’s progress and all the necessary evidence for him/her to gain accreditation. We will require evidence just in the case of extracurricular classes or the additional subjects such as Knowledge of the environment, History, Geography, in the grade that it applies. The reports are for MATI and owned by MATI, we will share a mid-year progress with the family and before concluding.

Important note: in MATI we will not ask for evidence about the subjects they study with us, this does not mean that they DO NOT HAVE TO TAKE NOTES or that they don’t have to CARRY OUT AN EVIDENCE PORTFOLIO to keep progress of the school year.

Where can I see the enrollment plans?

In this link http://www.matihomeschool.com/precios-de-matriculas/ 


Afterschool is the enrollment in which you can join MATI to access our programs. In case your kids are studying a different curriculum or belong to another school, gifted or not. In this link you will find more information about the registration for the AFTER SCHOOL program we offer for Math Whizz.


I am interested in learning more about the revalidation, can you inform me?

We suggest that you read the information in this link for more information:


At the end of the 6th year will I receive an American primary certificate?

No, you receive your report card for the school year, in this case when the student finishes 6th grade, it is the responsibility of each family to carry out the revalidation process, as well as save all their report cards, we can guide you through the process but we are not responsible for any changes in the legislation nor we do the paperwork for this matter.

Are there exams to submit at MATI to pass?

It is the full responsibility (right and obligation) of the parents, the education of their children, and it is them who evaluate their children, every month a brief test is enabled in ISTATION but this does not generate a grade but instead a placement according to their kids performance.

My son is not gifted but I am interested in entering his programs, can I do it?

Of course, although the majority of our enrollees are children with intellectual giftedness (some are schooled) our goal is to potentiate the talents and abilities of each child at their own pace, that is why our academic partners are awarded international educational platforms that start personalized tutoring in the current knowledge of your child so that from there it stimulates and potentiates knowledge. Your child will obtain a 100% personalized enrichment whether or not he/she is gifted.


If you want to know the experience of a homeschooler mom with Mati’s curriculum, visit this video: